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Getty Images via NewsCred

Top 5 Permian stories of the week

Here are the top five stories from Permian.com for the week of May 30th through June 1st. Enjoy!

5. Has OPEC been out-gased?

Getty Images via NewsCred

Getty Images via NewsCred

How does New Mexico rank among natural gas producers? According to a ranking form The American Petroleum institute, the state not only dominates the U.S. natural gas market, but also outranks six OPEC nations.

The ranking accounts for data from 2012, the most recent year offering consistent international data. For purposes of data comparison, the report ranks U.S. states against foreign nations.

Churning out a daily average of 3.09 billion cubic feet of natural gas, New Mexico ranks as the eighth highest-producing state in the U.S., topped only by other fuel-rich states like Texas, Pennsylvania and Colorado. To read the full article, click here.

4. Six arrested in Denton protest

Photo via Twitter/@DeSmogBlog

Photo via Twitter/@DeSmogBlog

Two members of satirical Cabaret troupe The Frackettes were among three arrested Monday morning at a protest in Denton, Texas. According to the Star-Telegram, Adam Briggle, Tara Linn Hunter and Nikki Chochrek were arrested without incident after staging a sit-in to block Vantage Energy employees from resuming the newly-legal natural gas operations.

The protest, which drew in about 20 participants, was staged in response to Gov. Greg Abbot’s recent approval of House Bill 40, which prohibits fracking bans in Texas and effectively nullifies the city’s Nov. 2 ruling to ban the practice within city limits. To read the full article, click here.

3. Texas man sentenced to 20 years for attempted pipeline sabotage


The man who attempted to blow up a natural gas pipeline owned by Atmos Energy in Plano, Texas, has been sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

Anson Chi received his sentence Monday, nearly three years after his arrest by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Chi plead guilty to having an explosive device that was not registered by law and to using that device maliciously, two of the four charges levied against him. To read the full article, click here.

2. Chestnut Exploration develops unconventional success in East Texas

Chestnut Explorations, Inc. CEO MARK A. PLUMMER.

Chestnut Explorations, Inc. CEO MARK A. PLUMMER.

It’s rare these days to hear of major successful oil extractions that don’t depend on hydraulic fracturing. But One Texas company is not only finding a bit of success without the popular production method, it is accomplishing extraction in an unlikely area of East Texas.

The exploration and production company Chestnut Explorations, Inc. claims to have found a great return on a small effort. In a recent article from the Dallas Business Journal, CEO, owner and founder of Chestnut Exploration Mark Plummer stated that the initial returns from his latest Anderson County well looked promising. The company has only developed two wells but according to Plummer, the latest well has the potential to produceroughly 640 barrels per day. To read the full article, click here.

1. Offshore rigs serve alternate purposes long after production ends

offshore drilling

Getty Images via NewsCred

What happens to offshore oil rigs when they fall out of use? Russian Lukoil-NNP engineer Victor Semenov pitched this thought-provoking question to OilPro, a forum that essentially acts as the Facebook of oil and gas professionals.

“What happens to rigs when the production of oil is done? How can rigs be used after oil production? How does it differ for drilling and production platforms?” Semenov wrote. “Some time ago, I read about a project to re-use an old rig as a hotel for divers. But what will be the fate of an old rig in (the) cold North Sea or arctic conditions, for example Prirazlomnoye?”

The hotel Semenov refers to is likely Seaventures Dive Rig, an oil-rig-turned-hotel off the Malaysian coast. To read the full article, click here.

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