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Texas Veteran wins 7-Eleven franchise contest

A Texas Navy vet and oilfield worker was among three winners of 7-Eleven’s Operation: Take Command, a contest to place veterans with a 7-Eleven franchise store. Mark Page of Granbury enlisted in the Navy immediately after high school and earned both a communications degree and a master’s in kinesiology while on reserve duty.

After his service Page worked far from home on the oilfields of western Texas to support his growing family. Along with U.S. Army Captain Robert Kemna and U.S. Army veteran Salil Gautam, Page had been selected by voters through social media. They were informed of their winnings two months ago.

“This is life-changing,” Page said. “It’s very rare that you know someone who wins something big; you mainly see that on TV. As I moved through the levels of the contest, I started thinking maybe I had a chance. Seeing people from here and even other countries who didn’t know me, but voted for my video on Facebook was very humbling.”

By taking the reins of a 7-Eleven store of his own, Page hopes to move his work closer to his wife and four children, including his infant twins.

Page’s work experience in the oil and gas industry made him an apt candidate for the franchise.

“I didn’t really have an appreciation for gas prices and stuff like that until I worked in that industry,” he told WFAA.

Page will take ownership of his store this summer and plans to establish a scholarship program in the local school district.

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