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PERMIAN BASIN DRILLING REPORT: Week of June 25 through July 1

Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for June 25 through July 1 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.

— A.C.T. Operating Company, Benson (JD), Cochran, new drill.

— Anadarko E&P Onshore, LLC, Walking O C3-28, Reeves, new drill; Hoover, Laura Estate 41C, Crockett, recompletion; Hutchings 43, Crockett, recompletion; Baggett 29, Crockett, recompletion; Baggett 20, Crockett, recompletion; Hacker 33-97, Loving, new drill; Ligon State Unit 7-22, Reeves, new drill.

— Apache Corporation, Neal 47, Glasscock, recompletion; Schrock, W.M. 22 West, Midland, new drill (2).

— Banner Operating, LLC, Teague 9, Tom Green, new drill.

— BHP Billiton Pet (TXLA Op) Co., State Protector 55-T2-2×11 PSA, Loving, new drill.

— Broad Oak Energy II, LLC, Farmar A, Irion, new drill.

— Callon Petroleum Operating Co., Kendra-Annie 8, Midland, new drill; Casselman 8 PSA 1, Midland, new drill; Kendra-Annie 9, Midland, new drill.

— Carrizo Permian, LLC, Avenger State Unit, Culberson, new drill.

— Chevron U.S.A., Inc., Scharbauer C Jr, Midland, new drill; Texas Ten 13/16, Midland, new drill (2).

— Chi Operating, Inc., Post Montgomery Lo. CLFK WF Unit, Hockley, new drill (3).

— COG Operating, LLC, Neal Ranch ’38’, Upton, new drill.

— ConocoPhillips Company, Frank A, Ector, new drill.

— Covenant Operating, LLC, Beggs A, Kent, new drill.

— CrownQuest Operating, LLC, Offshoot 20, Andrews, new drill.

— Diamondback E&P, LLC, St W, Midland, new drill; Mabee Breedlove, Martin, new drill; Kimberly, Martin, new drill (2).

— Discovery Natural Resources, LLC, Mustang Draw, Reagan, new drill (3).

— Encana Oil & Gas USA, Inc., Holt Ranch, Martin, new drill (2); Cowden 30, Midland, recompletion; Dorothy Faye A320, Martin, new drill.

— Endeavor Energy Resources, LP, Gorman 29, Martin, new drill; Strain ’19Z’, Martin, field transfer; Hopper ‘5’, Martin, recompletion; McKaskle ‘3’, Martin, new drill.

— Finley Resources, Inc., Read, et al., Unit, Yoakum, recompletion.

— Griffin Petroleum Company, Makarios, Andrews, new drill.

— Henry Resources, LLC, University NG, Crockett, new drill.

— High Sky Partners, LLC, Mask HZ Unit, Midland, new drill (2).

— Jagged Peak Energy, LLC, UTL 28-17, Ward, new drill; UTL 38-17, Ward, new drill.

— Kebo Oil & Gas, Inc., Reed Gunn 5, Hockley, new drill.

— Keystone Petroleum NM, LLC, Ball, Irion, recompletion.

— Kinder Morgan Production Co., LLC, Sacroc Unit, Scurry, new drill.

— Laredo Petroleum, Inc., SRH A 9-8 (PSA-M), Reagan, new drill; SRH E 7-8 (PSA-A), Reagan, new drill; SRH A 9-8 (PSA-N), Reagan, new drill.

— Matador Production Company, Jackson Trust C 12-TTT-C24 NL, Loving, new drill; Johnson 44-02S-B53 WF, Loving, new drill (2).

— Occidental Permian, Ltd., South Curtis Ranch, Martin, new drill.

— OXY USA, Inc., Adams 4231, Howard, new drill.

— OXY USA WTP, LP, Willard Unit, Yoakum, new drill; Lenox 2, Reeves, new drill (2); Eagle State 28, Reeves, new drill (2).

— Parsley Energy Operations, LLC, Braun 12, Midland, new drill; Taylor 45-33, Reagan, new drill; Halff 3, Upton, new drill; Ringo 10, Reagan, new drill; Bast 34-39, Reagan, new drill; Robbie 17 And 8, Upton, new drill.

— Patriot Resources, Inc., Meerkat 17, Reeves, new drill.

— Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., Brook N-11B, Upton, new drill; Sale Ranch 17H, Martin, new drill; Sale Ranch 17I, Martin, new drill; McClintic 10G, Midland, new drill; Priddy-Fischer 10, Glasscock, new drill; McClintic 10E, Midland, new drill; University ‘7-34’, Andrews, new drill (2); Aldwell K R 40, Reagan, new drill (2); Preston A, Midland, new drill.

— QEP Energy Company, Mabee C, Martin, new drill (4).

— Ring Energy, Inc., Harris 3, Andrews, new drill; 12th Man State, Andrews, new drill; East Harris 2, Andrews, new drill.

— Rosetta Resources Operating, LP, Calamity Jane, Reeves, new drill.

— RSP Permian, LLC, Cross Bar Ranch, Andrews, new drill.

— Sharp Image Energy, Inc., Polar 2615, Kent, recompletion.

— Shell Western E&P, Monroe 1-10, Ward, field transfer.

— Silver Creek Oil & Gas, LLC, Deloache, Hockley, new drill.

— Unit Petroleum Company, Gary Ranch, Crane, new drill.

— Warhorse Vacuum Services, LLC, Mentone SWD, Loving, new drill.

— Williams, Clayton Energy, Inc., Longoria 11, Reeves, new drill.

— XTO Energy, Inc., Means San Andres Unit, Andrews, recompletion (6); Means San Andres Unit, Andrews, new drill; Maralo 41-32 Allocation 3205, Midland, new drill; Maralo 41-32 Allocation 3206, Midland, new drill; Maralo 41-32 Allocation 3207, Midland, new drill; Maralo 41-32 Allocation 3217, Midland, new drill; Maralo 41-32 Allocation 3208, Midland, new drill; Maralo 41-32 Allocation 3203, Midland, new drill; TXL 27 Unit 3, Midland, new drill (4).

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