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Top 5 Stories of the Week in the Marcellus shale area

Top 5 Marcellus Stories of the Week, June 11-17

Just in case you missed this week’s headlines, here’s a summary of what our Marcellus readers found most engaging this week:

  1. Technology is always at the forefront of oil and gas operations. Here’s one way to get around those carbon emissions regulations. What will the future hold?

Scientists turn carbon dioxide into harmless stone

2. Those opposed to oil and gas drilling operations continue to make waves. In Massachusetts, a moratorium is on the table. Will they follow New York’s lead?

State Senate wants moratorium on fracking in Massachusetts

3. Although Colorado is obviously not in the Marcellus shale region, the state might be a competitor in the future when it comes to natural gas production. While much of the country’s natural gas comes from the northeast, Colorado might become a player in short order.

Colorado has 40 times more natural gas than thought

4. The price of oil is unlikely to rise much further after rallying almost 90 percent since January, as the global market shows signs of stabilizing, the International Energy Agency said Tuesday. This story got lots of engagement from readers in every area of the country. $50 oil affects everyone, from consumers to producers.

Oil price unlikely to rise much further, global agency says

5. Impact fees in Pennsylvania dropped significantly, resulting in the lowest annual payment in the five-year history of the impact fee, and it’s the second year of decline.

Pennsylvania counties see less money from gas drilling fee

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