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The Oil & Gas Awards Wants to Celebrate — Texas Style

After multiple years of battering from regulation and nose-diving commodity prices, The Oil & Gas Awards believes everyone with their head above water deserves an Award. That said, many companies have survived by adapting to harsh market conditions through streamlining business and embracing innovation. The Texas Oil & Gas Awards will be celebrating those companies that think outside the box, bringing changes to the industry with thought leadership and higher standards of operation.

This year has been particularly harsh, and we feel it’s important to recognize those companies that are truly dedicated to making the Oil & Gas Industry the best it can be. From health & safety and environmental stewardship to new technology development and water management – excellence should be celebrated in order to support innovation and industry growth,” says Daniel Creasey, Founder and Chairman of Oil & Gas Awards. “This will be one of the only events this year that attendees and participants will be able to solely reflect on the positives taking place, we hope you can be part of it.”

The Texas Oil & Gas Awards is now accepting entries, combining two huge regional Awards for the very first time. This event promises to be a monumental occasion for the industry to come together and acknowledge who is leading the way during these difficult times. For more information about the judges or tickets to attend the gala, please visit the above website for details, and follow us at @OilandGasAwards on Twitter.

The entry deadline for the 2016 Texas Oil & Gas Awards is Wednesday, September 14, 2016. The date and venue will be announced in the coming weeks.

For Inquiries, please contact:

Daniel Creasey


+1 210 591 8471

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