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fracking, bakken
A fracking operation in the Bakken. Photo: Josh Doubek via Wikimedia Commons.

Montana board to decide on fracking chemicals disclosures

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Montana regulators are to consider a petition that would force companies to divulge more information about fracking chemicals they use to produce oil and gas.

A 2011 state rule allows companies to conceal chemicals considered trade secrets.

A group of landowners, environmentalists and health advocates oppose the trade secrets exception. They say it violates the public’s right to know about chemicals that threaten public health.

The group petitioned the Montana Oil and Gas Conservation Board in July to tighten its rules.

Board administrator Jim Halvorson says a decision is expected following a public hearing Thursday in Billings.

The Montana Petroleum Association has said the public should not have access to proprietary company information.

During fracking, companies pump millions of gallons of fluid underground, to release oil and gas trapped in rock formations.


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