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One of the greatest benefits of using SPF in metal structures is to increase a building’s structural integrity. By using SPF, a building’s strength is increased by around 400 percent.

Spray foam insulation for the ag industry

Poultry houses, says Profoam Corporation President Ted Medford, are the perfect example of how closed-cell spray foam insulation is making a big difference in agriculture. Farmers and ranchers across the United States have learned that the best residential and commercial insulation is just as effective for farms, ranches, and other agricultural operations.

Traditional barns, pole barns, sheds, farrowing houses, cattle barns, silos, grain bins, cold storage and quonsets, and even marijuana growhouses are some of the most popular beneficiaries of spray polyurethane foam. Since it effectively blocks leaks and infiltration of moisture into a structure, it helps keep animals and food dry. It also helps regulate temperature and humidity while also increasing the structural integrity of any building. Old barns get a new life, and poultry houses that need updates are easily sprayed with SPF so that farmers can continue to raise birds.

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Why spray foam is saving the ag industry big money

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