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Permian Glass reflects on 50 years of business

Jim Gaylor wears the story of his 50 years in business on his arms, flecked with white scars that encapsulate a simple lesson: West Texas never stops running out of broken glass. And Gaylor figures he won’t stop replacing it. The 77-year-old Odessan founded Permian Glass in 1965, after a stint at another longstanding local company, Odessa Glass, owned a ...

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The right way and wrong way to pull

Imagine this: It’s one of those cold, wet, late-fall evenings in Western North Dakota. The weather conditions are worsening, but you promised your most important client you’d make a last-minute fuel oil delivery to his rig. “Just one more and I can call it a day,” you tell yourself, relaxing to the rhythm of the rain. Then it happens. An ...

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Top 5 benefits of equipment rental in a devalued oil and gas market

Let’s face it. In stronger markets, buying is possibility the better choice. However, don’t underestimate renting as a business-saving option. Renting allows companies to avoid increasing capital expenditures, save money on preventative maintenance and repairs services as well as ensures that equipment doesn’t become technologically obsolete. Once the decision to rent has been made, what next? There are multiple companies that ...

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MAJOR CLEANUP: EPA working ‘time critical emergency’ pollution site

An Environmental Protection Agency team is cleaning up thousands of leaky oil drums left for years in industrial east Odessa that investigators say threatened groundwater, risked dangerous runoff to a nearby neighborhood and created a fire hazard after a local businessman abandoned them when his company failed. The site, about 4.5 acres at the intersection Market Street and Marco Avenue, ...

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Comerica economist Robert Dye: Fed will raise interest rates slowly

economy in wood pieces

APTOS — Comerica economist Robert Dye expects the Federal Reserve will decide Thursday to start raising interest rates from their historic low, but “the first step in that climb will be very, very small,” he told more than 100 people Wednesday at the Seascape Golf Clubhouse. “Stanley Fischer has been using the word ‘crawl,'” said Dye, referring to the Fed’s ...

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County to sue pipeline services company Strike

Rowan Fiscal Court on Tuesday authorized County Attorney Cecil Watkins to file a lawsuit against Strike, LLC, for failure to pay occupational taxes. Strike, a Texas-based pipeline construction and energy services company, has been working at the Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP) Compressor Station 110 since around April. TGP is a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, Inc., the largest energy infrastructure company ...

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Gov.’s energy plan ‘all of the above’

Gov. Susana Martinez on Monday unveiled a broad “all-of-the-above” plan to develop New Mexico’s energy resources, the first such comprehensive policy outline for the state in 25 years. The governor recommended a broad array of strategies and policies that includes traditional fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas and coal, and renewables, such as wind and solar, and new technologies, ...

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Governor launches Asia trip to talk promote Alaska gas

Gov. Bill Walker’s office provided a dispatch from Tokyo on Monday, saying he has launched a weeklong series of meetings in Japan to highlight Alaska’s efforts to produce its natural gas and sell it in a liquefied form in Asia. Walker and two members of his administration — Natural Resources Deputy Commissioner Marty Rutherford and Alaska Gas Team member Audie ...

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Gov. Martinez to unveil new state energy plan

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Gov. Susana Martinez is expected to unveil a new energy policy as industry experts gather in southeastern New Mexico for an annual summit. The governor’s office says the new policy will call for an all-of-the-above approach, not unlike the prescription being pushed at the federal level. The plan has been more than a year in the making. ...

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Eddy County seeks more funds


EDDY COUNTY — There’s no question that the oil and gas industry contributes a huge portion of New Mexico’s state budget. Thirty-five percent of the state’s general fund revenues can be attributed to the state’s oil and gas industry, according to a study by the New Mexico Tax Research Institute, partially sponsored by the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association. ...

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