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Dear Lord, Please Let Us See Another Boom

It is common knowledge that the Oil & Gas Industry is very much like a rocket and a shovel. It’s either shooting sky-high or digging us into a hole and burying us in darkness. Right now the latter is our truth. It seems we are all saying, “Not now, we can’t afford it.” Working in the Oil industry is definitely ...

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Gas deal could signal Southern’s drift from new nuclear projects

Six months ago, three top executives at Georgia’s largest utility companies met over steak dinners at Bones restaurant in Atlanta to explore possibly joining some planned pipeline projects aimed at tapping the Midwest’s booming production of natural gas. But the talk quickly stretched to a more ambitious agenda: Southern Company was interested in buying AGL Resources, the Atlanta natural gas ...

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Editorial: Pipeline news nothing to crow about

It is said that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” So it is that opponents of the Constitution Pipeline may be cheering at the recent news that the company attempting to run this pipeline through upstate New York has pulled back on a side project that would have brought natural gas service to the Sidney, Bainbridge and Afton ...

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Energy experts, Colorado Senators weigh downside if Iran deal

Iran on a map

DENVER — The Iran nuclear deal weighed heavy on oil industry minds Wednesday as they discussed global and domestic energy policy at the Colorado Convention Center. The 100-page agreement, which would lift sanctions against the country, allowing it back into the world energy market and supposedly limit its nuclear powers, has drawn the ire of many policymakers and many in ...

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Opinion: An oil fight unlike any other

In California, Chevron, Tesoro and other oil giants are acting as if the end is near. The grim reaper, as they see it, comes in the person of Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmentalist, and his buddy, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León. The instrument of their demise is de León’s Senate Bill 350, which would require Californians to cut ...

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LOIS HENRY: We don’t need more misinformation about fracking


Sometimes the only appropriate response I can muster to the idiocy that goes on in Sacramento is “Oh, brother.” We are a family newspaper, after all. This time, it’s a bill by Assemblyman Mike Gatto, D- Burbank, that would require all food irrigated with oilfield water to be labeled, “Grown using recycled or treated hydraulic fracturing oilfield wastewater.” In other ...

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Editorial: Where kayakivists should protest oil drilling: Alaska

Seattle’s kayaktivists should consider taking the ferry up to Alaska. Their floating protests on Elliott Bay and shenanigans by Seattle politicians did nothing to disrupt offshore Arctic drilling by Shell. President Obama ignored the hullabaloo and on Monday gave Shell a final permit needed to explore for oil deep below the Chukchi Sea. That means it’s too late to change ...

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