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OPINION: Can California turn the West green?

California’s leaders quickly saluted last week when President Barack Obama released his Clean Power Plan, a 1,500-page proposal that would dramatically reduce the nation’s dependence on coal. We’re already there, or at least we think we are. At the Legislature’s urging, California’s private utilities have weaned themselves from coal, and public power agencies are ending their contracts with out-of-state coal ...

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Editorial: Reactivation of nuclear reactor major step in securing stable supply of power

TOKYO — A period lasting nearly two years in which all nuclear power plants in Japan were idle has finally come to an end. Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture restarted its No. 1 reactor Tuesday. If all goes well, the plant will start generating electricity on Friday. It is the first nuclear power plant ...

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EDITORIAL: Obama’s ‘clean power’: It costs too much


The Obama administration’s claim that the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan” will “reduce energy bills for households and businesses” long has defied common sense. After all, it forces the replacement of coal-fired power plants with more expensive electricity sources. Now, a new study quantifies those cost differences, confirming the administration’s duplicity. Thomas Pyle is president of the Institute for Energy Research, ...

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Editorial: More productive conversation appearing between oil and gas industry and area residents

The debate about how to live with energy development operations has been a regular feature of this page and of discussions at public meetings in Weld County since hydraulic fracturing revolutionized oil and gas operations and brought a host of energy companies into the region. For a long time, the conversations felt repetitive, and the positions seemed intractable. But just ...

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Booting Up: Solar’s day in sun nearing end

solar panel

We’re staring down the barrel of a solar boom-and-bust … that almost nobody is talking about. Generous federal credits for residential solar panels are about to expire at the end of next year, guaranteeing that 2016 will be a year of false hope, with people rushing to jam south-facing photovoltaics on roofs nationwide. And then on Dec. 31, 2016, the ...

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Editorial: Transparency questions surround BP deal

We’re pleased this phase of the BP oil disaster is behind us. Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant and Attorney General Jim Hood were on the Coast on Thursday to announce they were bringing to the state about $1.5 billion of the latest $18.7 billion settlement with the energy giant. We think Mississippi should have received more than 8 percent of the ...

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Editorial: Don’t let route debate delay Sandpiper oil pipeline

The vitally important Sandpiper oil pipeline proposal is making some progress toward becoming reality. However, there remains a huge question to resolve: the route the 612-mile pipeline would take from North Dakota to a terminal in Superior, Wisconsin. First, an update on the progress of the Sandpiper proposal. Recently, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved a certificate of need for ...

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Silverstein: Natural gas will give the industry the ‘oomph’ it needs

Renewable energy creates jobs and helps minimize air pollutants, but the growth of America’s energy sector is hinged on good ol’ oil and gas, according to Forbes columnist Ken Silverstein. “If the United States is to see the 3.6 percent growth in annual output, the oomph will come from the increase in oil and natural gas production,” Silverstein writes. “Ironic, ...

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