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Gas prices continue to drop

Motorists will enjoy lower gas prices for holiday travel, and they can expect those savings to roll into the New Year, according to some forecasts. Across the country, most gas stations are lower than $2.50 per gallon, according to a GasBuddy.com holiday travel survey. Some areas — not in West Virginia — reported late last week that the price of ...

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EDITORIAL: Our energy boom: Market currents

oil slick

Americans should welcome global crude-oil prices plunging below $65 a barrel and hope the combination of demand blunted by economic slowdowns in Europe and China and abundant supply driven by soaring U.S. production and OPEC not cutting output will continue. Pulitzer Prize-winning energy expert Daniel Yergin, vice chairman of global business analytics firm IHS, thinks it will. He notes in ...

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Saudi oil policy needs better communications: Kemp

Destination Saudi Arabia . Riyadh on the map shown by pin

LONDON, Nov 14- “As a result of the fall in demand and the rise in non-OPEC supplies, we recognized too late that oil was overpriced, that it had reached an unwarrantably high level, destroying the state of virtual equilibrium between supply and demand,” the Saudi oil minister told his audience. The recent sharp drop in prices had not been good ...

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America – an Energy Superpower

Benefits of the U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Boom are Permanent, Says Citi. Forbes: The return of the U.S. as an energy superpower will not be a short-term event with the economic benefits likely to last “at least two generations”, according to the latest research from Citi. That is one of the key findings in a report from the commodities team ...

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Can North America harmonize energy policy?

energy lines

There have been a variety of efforts in recent years to harmonize energy policy and markets across the US, Canada, and Mexico. At the North American Gas Forum meeting this past week in Washington D.C. some of these efforts were discussed. The most important change in the energy landscape has clearly been the shale boom with surprising production of natural gas and ...

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